Why I Participated in Bizwomen Mentoring Monday

I can’t remember exactly when it started, but at some point this last year, I started receiving emails from complete strangers who hoped that somehow a few moments of my time might help them with the next step towards their own dreams and goals. At first, I replied to every single email that arrived, but itContinue reading “Why I Participated in Bizwomen Mentoring Monday”

A ‘Glamorous’ Week in the Life of a Woman Entrepreneur

I was recently at the private opening of a new establishment with my cofounder of Hautepreneurs, a company we founded to enable¬†women entrepreneurs in our state to think and create bigger, successful companies – a passion project in addition to our main careers – which, for me, is¬†APPCityLife, a global civic tech platform connecting peopleContinue reading “A ‘Glamorous’ Week in the Life of a Woman Entrepreneur”

Why Successful Women Should Stop Hiding Their Emotions

Last year, at the National Girlfriends Networking Day main event hosted by New York Times in New York City, WNBA Star, Plus-Size Model and Actress Kym Hampton displayed some very raw emotion as she shared some of the downright cruel and horrifying experiences she faced during the early days of her career, both as aContinue reading “Why Successful Women Should Stop Hiding Their Emotions”

Can An All-Male Panel of Speakers Really Help Women Make A Difference?

Ok, so let me just preface this following post with the caveat that I know absolutely nothing about the group whose event came to my attention recently. And I am acknowledging up front that there might be a completely plausible explanation for why the organizers chose the speakers they did for their upcoming event. IContinue reading “Can An All-Male Panel of Speakers Really Help Women Make A Difference?”