Katie Szczepaniak Rice: Watch New Mexico Rise

Katie Szczepaniak Rice   The first time I met Katie Szczepaniak Rice, I was more than a little intimidated. She is trained as an engineer – a graduate of MIT with an MBA from the University of Chicago, no less – and is head of the New Mexico office of one of the largest venture capital firms withContinue reading “Katie Szczepaniak Rice: Watch New Mexico Rise”

Are Women Entrepreneurs Better Off Than A Year Ago?

During yesterday’s second annual NMTC-WIT Luncheon, a reporter in the audience asked the panelists if things were getting any better for women. In an article published this year in Forbes, Geri Stengel predicted that 2014 would be the breakout year for women entrepreneurs. “While the number is still small —  nearly 20% of angels in 2012 invested in women-led businesses —Continue reading “Are Women Entrepreneurs Better Off Than A Year Ago?”

Why Successful Women Should Stop Hiding Their Emotions

Last year, at the National Girlfriends Networking Day main event hosted by New York Times in New York City, WNBA Star, Plus-Size Model and Actress Kym Hampton displayed some very raw emotion as she shared some of the downright cruel and horrifying experiences she faced during the early days of her career, both as aContinue reading “Why Successful Women Should Stop Hiding Their Emotions”

Freedoms of American Women

On July 4 every year, Americans celebrate the birth and freedom of their country in the best of ways, I think – watching baseball games, enjoying cookouts, spending time with friends, vacationing, and, for many, working. In this economy, the freedom to find work or start a business and earn a living is a freedomContinue reading “Freedoms of American Women”