Fool-proof Way to Motivate Your Teens to Clean Their Rooms

There is nothing quite like knowing that someone else will be inside of your room all night – hanging their clothes in your closet, sleeping in your sheets, and wandering around to look at all the things you’ve collected – well, there’s nothing quite like that impending event to motivate a very thorough cleaning. MyContinue reading “Fool-proof Way to Motivate Your Teens to Clean Their Rooms”

Which of these lovely rags should I wear?

My mom said that a lot when I was a kid. She would stand in her closet in her full slip and pantyhose, rifling through her dresses and ask me, “Which of these lovely rags should I wear?” I never understood why it was that big of a deal. She always looked the same toContinue reading “Which of these lovely rags should I wear?”

Pine Cones, Punches, and Becoming a Man

So last night I am walking into the health club to get in an hour on the elliptical trainer before they close when I hear the young girl behind the counter ask, “Mrs. Abeyta? How is Jonathon? Is he okay?” It is a refrain I’ve heard often over the past twenty-four hours. It is amazingContinue reading “Pine Cones, Punches, and Becoming a Man”