You Are My Sunshine

This morning my youngest woke up with a stuffy nose, a bit wheezy … and thinking he had a good chance of developing a believable case of Yellow Bus Fever. You know – the kind that goes away when the school bus drives by. And as I booted him out the door to make itContinue reading “You Are My Sunshine”

Sharing Life from the Passenger Seat

I love running errands with my kids. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t even slightly enjoy running errands, but when my kids are along for the ride, it makes for some wonderful time together. I think I’ve found out more about what was going on in their lives while driving to Target than any otherContinue reading “Sharing Life from the Passenger Seat”

Been around the block a time or two

Someone recently approached me with a question about raising their child. Now I’m no Dr. Laura and probably relate better to Lucille Ball than to Dr. Spock, so it took me a bit by surprise to have someone else think I had something of value to share when it came to parenting a child. AndContinue reading “Been around the block a time or two”

Google, Garage Door Mishaps, and Delivering Bad News Via iPhone

Ok, this is sad, but I have to confess it’s also a little funny. Did you know that more people visited my blog last year looking for information about garage door deaths, broken garage doors, and deaths by garage door springs than for any other search using Google, AOL, Search or Yahoo combined. Seriously. MoreContinue reading “Google, Garage Door Mishaps, and Delivering Bad News Via iPhone”