In The Trenches: 36 Things I’ve Learned as a Founder

Over the past five years, I’ve accrued a lot of advice – some of it invaluable and some not so much – as well as lessons learned the hard way. I’ve also collected quite a few notes and reminders along the way. These are not irrefutable truths; they’re simply my observations from my own journey.Continue reading “In The Trenches: 36 Things I’ve Learned as a Founder”

Four Reasons Every Entrepreneur Needs a Mastermind

It was while interviewing Dale Carnegie for a small newspaper that Napoleon Hill landed a writing gig in 1908 that changed not only his own future but created the concept of the mastermind which became a tool for success for generations to come. The reporter was asked by Carnegie to survey over 500 men – and a few womenContinue reading “Four Reasons Every Entrepreneur Needs a Mastermind”

Learning To Lead: advice to startup founders

A lot of times when we launch a startup, we’re like a duck out of water. We have no clue what steps to take to launch a business. We ask help from others who are more experienced, and we depend on their guidance to help us meander through the challenges of getting a business offContinue reading “Learning To Lead: advice to startup founders”