We’re All Guilty When it Comes to Judging Other Parents

When I said that I was running a conference and getting ready to go on stage and couldn’t get to the school before school let out for the day, the assistant high school principal told me that maybe it was time I made my son my priority. She has no idea. She has no ideaContinue reading “We’re All Guilty When it Comes to Judging Other Parents”

Learning How to Just Shut Up and Love

When my kids were little, I thought I pretty much rocked the whole parenting thing. My kids sat still in the pediatrician’s office – at least for the first hour. They obediently held my hand all the way across the parking lot. And when one of them tried on the whole defiance attitude, I movedContinue reading “Learning How to Just Shut Up and Love”

Raising Gifted Children: Rules to Live By

I discovered this unpublished post this morning and thought it might be worth sharing. These are a few of the rules I’ve learned to live by raising gifted children, who tend to be high intensity, high engagement, and – sometimes – highly frustrating. These are a few of the things that worked for me: AlwaysContinue reading “Raising Gifted Children: Rules to Live By”

Why You Must Find Your Passion to Find Success

I was helping my daughter box up things in her room as she prepared to move to an apartment near the university. Buried in her closet was an old backpack covered in stickers and stuffed with purple ribbons. I set it aside, certain she wanted to keep over a decade of memories from climbing competitions all over the country. SheContinue reading “Why You Must Find Your Passion to Find Success”

Why We Should Stop Worrying if Other People Like Our Kids

Here’s a thought: It is not our job to make our kids likable by conforming to others’ expectations but to help them blossom within their own uniqueness. Think about that. Do you realize how liberating that is – how much guilt it removes when you’re able to do what your gut is saying is rightContinue reading “Why We Should Stop Worrying if Other People Like Our Kids”