How Urban Tech is Disruptive Government Procurement

(originally published on What’s APPening) I spent the past few days with our COO at the Smart City Startups Festival in Miami, Florida, interacting with some of today’s most visionary, innovative urban tech startup founders who are disrupting almost every facet of the urban landscape. All of the startups showcased¬†at the summit have the potentialContinue reading “How Urban Tech is Disruptive Government Procurement”

Fishing For Trash: Sometimes the Solution is Really Simple

When Jaime Lerner, three-time mayor of Curitiba, Brazil, two-time governor of Parana State, and serial entrepreneur, was faced with dirty rivers killing the fish as well as the livlihood of local fishermen, cleaning up the river became one of his top priorities. “When a fisherman caught a fish, he could keep it,” said Lerner atContinue reading “Fishing For Trash: Sometimes the Solution is Really Simple”