Why I Don’t Feel Guilty for Being a Working Mom

I recall the exact moment I decided that something had to change. I’d taken on a part-time position with a local museum which I’d taken specifically for the hours when my husband would be home with our three kids. And while I actually enjoyed the work, I also missed out on a lot – myContinue reading “Why I Don’t Feel Guilty for Being a Working Mom”

Why Mothers Are Just Different Than Anyone Else

I’ve been thinking a lot about moms, in part, I think because of gaining a new level of respect and regard for my own mother over the past few years as I’ve witnessed the grace, gentleness and kindness she’s shown caring for my dad who has Alzheimer’s. It’s also on my mind because of theContinue reading “Why Mothers Are Just Different Than Anyone Else”

Make Sure The Payoff Is Worth The Price

I spent this morning’s flight fleshing out the chapter Negotiating Agreements from my upcoming book, All I Ever Wanted To Be Is A Stay-At-Home Mom, a look at why I believe mothers are uniquely prepared to become entrepreneurs. The following excerpt follows a story of negotiating an agreement with my then toddler daughter and reapingContinue reading “Make Sure The Payoff Is Worth The Price”

The Get-Along Rug

I am working on a new book that will share insights not only into my own journey but why I think women, and mothers in particular, are very well equipped to launch and run startups, even if they have spent years out of the professional workforce to raise their children. I’m currently working on a chapterContinue reading “The Get-Along Rug”

International Women’s Day: It’s About All Of Us

If you are a woman, celebrate your accomplishments and contributions to those around you. Whether you are changing an industry or a diaper, your work matters. Take pride in what you do, and do it well. Be bold, be courageous and challenge yourself to be better with every day – not only for your sake but for those whom you influence.