But What if I Succeed: How Fear of Success May Hold You Back

We talk a lot about fear of failure and how it can impede the progress of an entrepreneur, but we rarely talk about the opposite barrier that can be just as difficult to overcome — the fear of success. For some entrepreneurs, the fear of success can be even an more powerful barrier to moving forward. DuringContinue reading “But What if I Succeed: How Fear of Success May Hold You Back”

Advice for Women Entrepeneurs

Since founding APPCityLife six years ago, I’ve often vacillated between guilt and gratitude – guilt over not being a stay-at-home mom anymore and gratitude for the many opportunities for growth. I’ve made peace (mostly) with the trade-offs, knowing that there is no real balance in life for anyone. Whatever we choose as our path in life, we lose out onContinue reading “Advice for Women Entrepeneurs”

On Anger and Thriving in the Startup Pressure Cooker

As the founder of a tech startup, I’ve certainly had my share of experiences where the choice to let go of anger has been the only way I could maintain the emotional and mental resources needed to weather the extreme highs and lows of entrepreneurship. Anyone who has been involved in a startup understands that the pressure to deliver onContinue reading “On Anger and Thriving in the Startup Pressure Cooker”

Finding a Job vs Finding a Calling

    Never wait for your calling to come find you. It won’t. A calling is borne of passion, and passion is a spark stoked into flames only by doing, not sitting and waiting. So do something. Read. Take a class. Volunteer. Get a job doing something that matters – even if you have toContinue reading “Finding a Job vs Finding a Calling”