Jessica Eaves Mathews: Watch New Mexico Rise

Jessica Eaves Mathews     Of all the individuals, organizations and companies inspiring us to watch New Mexico rise, Jessica Eaves Mathews – who actually coined the phrase and hashtag #watchNMrise – is right up at the top. I first met Jessica at the Santa Fe Business Incubator for the launch of New Mexico’s first Startup Weekend. It was aContinue reading “Jessica Eaves Mathews: Watch New Mexico Rise”

I Win When You Lose – and other lies we tell ourselves

The next time you’re asked to buy a product, join a group and sign up for some service when the request has been largely based on slandering another product, group or business, ask yourself this: why would anyone want to join a group or buy a product that tries to gain membership or revenue by knocking down other people and other groups? When someone succeeds by bad-mouthing another person or company, there is no integrity – and when we choose to do business with those who have no integrity, we are endorsing that kind of behavior whether we think we are or not.