Raising Gifted Children: Rules to Live By

I discovered this unpublished post this morning and thought it might be worth sharing. These are a few of the rules I’ve learned to live by raising gifted children, who tend to be high intensity, high engagement, and – sometimes – highly frustrating. These are a few of the things that worked for me: AlwaysContinue reading “Raising Gifted Children: Rules to Live By”

On Protecting Our Unique Thinkers

So the story goes that when someone once asked Einstein why he didn’t try harder to memorize his own phone number, he replied, “Because I have no intention of calling myself.” Had he been born today, enlightened behavioral scientists and child psychologists would have labeled Einstein as twice exceptional – someone bearing both an exceptionallyContinue reading “On Protecting Our Unique Thinkers”

Klingon As A Second Language

“I don’t think Mrs. H likes Klingon.” This is the first thing my son shared with me after arriving home from school earlier this week. And with an intro like that, I wondered what was coming. “She asked us if any of us knew a second language, and I raised my hand. When she calledContinue reading “Klingon As A Second Language”

Living Like Snow White

Sometimes I feel like Snow White. Not because I have alabaster skin or mesmerizing beauty that could survive being encased in glass for time on end – at least, not without a whole lot of formaldehyde. I don’t have an evil step-mother, nor do I have high hopes for a Prince Charming to rescue meContinue reading “Living Like Snow White”