Freedoms of American Women

On July 4 every year, Americans celebrate the birth and freedom of their country in the best of ways, I think – watching baseball games, enjoying cookouts, spending time with friends, vacationing, and, for many, working. In this economy, the freedom to find work or start a business and earn a living is a freedomContinue reading “Freedoms of American Women”

One Reason We Can All Celebrate The Outcome Of This Election

In December of 1991, Algeria’s National Liberation Front, cancelled elections after the first round to prevent victory by the Islamic Salvation Front. The government took control of the country, forcing out president Chadili Bendjedid, banning the opposing party and arresting thousands of its members. A coups d’état ensued, resulting in the loss of life for whatContinue reading “One Reason We Can All Celebrate The Outcome Of This Election”