The Future of Civic Technology

In the coming weeks, we will see a flurry of post-election opinions and predicted changes resulting from the recent U.S. election. I will leave that to those with far more experience and insight into this year’s voting data. As someone who has spent the past few years working closely with government leaders throughout the U.S.Continue reading “The Future of Civic Technology”

Girls Deserve to See Themselves as Heroes: Kudos to GoldieBlox

I first met Debra Sterling, founder of GoldieBlox, when she spoke at the Women Entrepreneurs Festival in New York City a few years ago. Her vision of a toy company for girls that fostered engineering concepts inspired me then, and her continued push to bring new role models and break down stereotypes continues to inspire.Continue reading “Girls Deserve to See Themselves as Heroes: Kudos to GoldieBlox”

One Reason We Can All Celebrate The Outcome Of This Election

In December of 1991, Algeria’s National Liberation Front, cancelled elections after the first round to prevent victory by the Islamic Salvation Front. The government took control of the country, forcing out president Chadili Bendjedid, banning the opposing party and arresting thousands of its members. A coups d’état ensued, resulting in the loss of life for whatContinue reading “One Reason We Can All Celebrate The Outcome Of This Election”