Criticism: What We Are REALLY Saying

When we criticize someone, what we are actually saying is this: “I want you to feel uncomfortable, self-conscious, and to focus on hiding your fault instead of interacting every time you are around me from this moment forward. I want to make it just a little harder for you to be vulnerable, not only withContinue reading “Criticism: What We Are REALLY Saying”

Week One Ends In Success!

So it’s been a week of dieting, and it’s gone better than ever before. Perhaps my success this week is due to my renewed sense of purpose or  my panic over entering the second half of my forties still overweight, but to be honest, I think it’s a lot simpler than that. I made aContinue reading “Week One Ends In Success!”

Do You Have To Count All The Calories When You End Up Wearing Your Food?

(Reposted from The Diet Diaries Blog) So here’s the question for today – do you really have to count all of the calories if half of what you’re eating ends up on your shirt? I mean, I had intentions of eating everything when I logged the calories into my app: gluten free turkey lunchmeat? check.Continue reading “Do You Have To Count All The Calories When You End Up Wearing Your Food?”