Make Sure The Payoff Is Worth The Price

I spent this morning’s flight fleshing out the chapter Negotiating Agreements from my upcoming book, All I Ever Wanted To Be Is A Stay-At-Home Mom, a look at why I believe mothers are uniquely prepared to become entrepreneurs. The following excerpt follows a story of negotiating an agreement with my then toddler daughter and reapingContinue reading “Make Sure The Payoff Is Worth The Price”

Mama Says: A Foray Into Self-Publishing

For quite some time, I’ve had an idea for a book bouncing around in my head – a journey through a few of the lessons learned while raising my children and a way to put into words the love and joy being a mother has brought into my life. Today that idea becomes a realityContinue reading “Mama Says: A Foray Into Self-Publishing”

Speaking with: Kate Lawler, Executive Editor, Ladies’ Home Journal

(from the archives: originally interviewed and published while on assignment for Writer’s Market on December 2, 2008) Kate Lawler, Executive Editor of Ladies’ Home Journal, is still giving the same advice to beginning writers that I received a decade ago from an editor who took me under his wing: start local and use that experienceContinue reading “Speaking with: Kate Lawler, Executive Editor, Ladies’ Home Journal”