There is a warp core meltdown in the pizza oven! My son, attempting to play “Dion’s Pizza” with his kindergarten classmates. (He shared this event with me recently while taking a interpersonal skills behavior quiz as part of his explanation for why he chose “slightly disagree” on the item Able To Engage in Imaginary PlayContinue reading

Keeping A Safe Distance When Mom Is Sick

Ok. Just a head’s up that this post is filled with blanket statements, sweeping assumptions and gender bias. There. That’s out of the way. And maybe my assumptions really don’t apply to anyone beyond my front door, but I really doubt it. I remember one time when we visited Yellowstone and witnessed a grizzly chasingContinue reading “Keeping A Safe Distance When Mom Is Sick”

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Hayden Valley at Sunset, Yellowstone National Park It is not actually our successes or failures that define who we are; it is the courage to pursue a dream, the perseverance to continue in the face of adversity, and even the fortitude to walk away and begin again that…