Are Women Entrepreneurs Better Off Than A Year Ago?

During yesterday’s second annual NMTC-WIT Luncheon, a reporter in the audience asked the panelists if things were getting any better for women. In an article published this year in Forbes, Geri Stengel predicted that 2014 would be the breakout year for women entrepreneurs. “While the number is still small —  nearly 20% of angels in 2012 invested in women-led businesses —Continue reading “Are Women Entrepreneurs Better Off Than A Year Ago?”

Identifying 3 Types of Negativity That Prevent Success

When I think of negativity, I am always reminded of a man I’ll call Joe. It was the late 80’s, my husband was fresh out of college and working at a tech startup. We were attending his first official holiday party and visiting with several of his colleagues when Joe joined our group.When I think of negativity, I am alwaysContinue reading “Identifying 3 Types of Negativity That Prevent Success”

Three Traits of Highly Successful Women Entrepreneurs

I recently had breakfast with a group of women, all owners of their own businesses, board members on multiple charities, active volunteers in their community, and mothers who volunteered at their children’s schools – by all standards highly successful women. These women had already found success while living in one of the poorest states in the US and were gatheredContinue reading “Three Traits of Highly Successful Women Entrepreneurs”

Pioneering Women in Venture Capital: Kathryn Gould

“Make unconventional choices that fit YOUR OWN aspirations.” Steve Blank I met Kathryn Gould longer ago than either of us want to admit. Kathryn has been the founding VP of Marketing of Oracle, a successful recruiter, a world class Venture Capitalist, a co-founder of a Venture Capital firm, a great board member, one of my mentorsContinue reading “Pioneering Women in Venture Capital: Kathryn Gould”

Midnight Musing: Opposition

It is a rude awakening to discover that there are those who would find greater joy in our failure than our success. But finding a path to success in the face of opposition builds self-assuredness and inner strength that cannot be found any other way. When we succeed without opposition, the only real enemy isContinue reading “Midnight Musing: Opposition”