Of Werewolves, Balding Men and Making Lemonade

Would balding, middle-aged men like to be werewolves at night if it meant they could have hair for a few more hours? My youngest thinks so. One evening this past week, my husband was in the back yard with our son when they heard some howling in the distance. To tease my son, my husbandContinue reading “Of Werewolves, Balding Men and Making Lemonade”

Playground Politics

We talk politics a lot in our home. With one highschooler in U.S. Government this year and another in U.S. History, our dinner table conversation often revolves around what they kids have covered in class. And while we discuss the finer nuances of health care policies, taxes, and checks and balances, our youngest is oftenContinue reading “Playground Politics”

Student Drivers – Staying Calm a Challenge

Now I get the whole logic behind the “don’t drink and drive” motto, and I’m with them on that one all the way. Sheesh – I’m so worried about my reflexes I’m scared to drive home when I’ve had rum pudding for dessert at a restaurant. But as a parent of a teenager who isContinue reading “Student Drivers – Staying Calm a Challenge”