Why We Should Stop Worrying if Other People Like Our Kids

Here’s a thought: It is not our job to make our kids likable by conforming to others’ expectations but to help them blossom within their own uniqueness. Think about that. Do you realize how liberating that is – how much guilt it removes when you’re able to do what your gut is saying is rightContinue reading “Why We Should Stop Worrying if Other People Like Our Kids”

Advice To Teachers From An Exhausted Helicopter Mom

I have come to hate Mondays. I don’t mean dislike or any other vanilla word that is polite. I mean hate, as in filled with a sinking sense of dread and doom – but not for the reasons you might think. I love Mondays when it comes to my work. I love the fresh startContinue reading “Advice To Teachers From An Exhausted Helicopter Mom”

Klingon As A Second Language

“I don’t think Mrs. H likes Klingon.” This is the first thing my son shared with me after arriving home from school earlier this week. And with an intro like that, I wondered what was coming. “She asked us if any of us knew a second language, and I raised my hand. When she calledContinue reading “Klingon As A Second Language”