Fresh Green Chile Makes Everything Taste Better

About a month ago, I finally harvested my small green chile crop from my garden. After roasting, peeling, and chopping, I had just enough for two green chile enchiladas and a few mornings of green chile scrambled eggs. Buried behind a large cluster of marigolds, I left the plants and forgot about them. Imagine myContinue reading “Fresh Green Chile Makes Everything Taste Better”

Chicken Enchiladas – They don’t have to be a diet-buster dinner

If I had to pick on type of cuisine to eat the rest of my life, I think I could happily settle on Mexican. Well, actually, make that New Mexican, since the two are actually quite different. Now I like egg rolls, lasagna, and veal picatta, but if I had to pick one, I’d goContinue reading “Chicken Enchiladas – They don’t have to be a diet-buster dinner”

Yogurt Parfait – Delightful treat

When we travel, we hit the McDonald’s drive-thru more than I’d like. Why? It’s easy, fast, and we can all get something that we’re willing to eat. The kiddo loves the Happy Meal, and who can argue about a new toy in the middle of a road trip? That’s worth at least another hour ofContinue reading “Yogurt Parfait – Delightful treat”