When Women are the Problem for Women in Tech

This past week, I read Meg Nordmann‘s post Why ALL Women in Tech are Women-In-Tech. She writes, “A fellow female (who is a very talented software engineer) told me to my face today that I am “NOT a woman in tech.” … Her reasoning: I was a marketer.” If you haven’t yet read her post, it’s definitely worthContinue reading “When Women are the Problem for Women in Tech”

Advice for Women Entrepeneurs

Since founding APPCityLife six years ago, I’ve often vacillated between guilt and gratitude – guilt over not being a stay-at-home mom anymore and gratitude for the many opportunities for growth. I’ve made peace (mostly) with the trade-offs, knowing that there is no real balance in life for anyone. Whatever we choose as our path in life, we lose out onContinue reading “Advice for Women Entrepeneurs”

Forget Snakes on a Plane – Pets on a Plane are Nightmare Enough

I’m pretty sure I qualify for Seasoned Traveler status – maybe not the frequent flier miles that some business travelers rack up, but I’ve rarely gone longer than six weeks in the past two years with a flight somewhere. As a frequent traveler, I’ve come to appreciate the challenges that flight crews face and tryContinue reading “Forget Snakes on a Plane – Pets on a Plane are Nightmare Enough”