Finding a Job vs Finding a Calling


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Never wait for your calling to come find you.
It won’t.

A calling is borne of passion, and passion is a spark stoked into flames only by doing, not sitting and waiting.

So do something.


Take a class.


Get a job doing something that matters – even if you have to take an entry-level job to get started.

But don’t wait on something to come your way that makes you happy, gives you purpose. Life is not like that. If your job is sucking the joy out of every day, then decide to take steps to change your reality. It may take time, but that time will pass whether you’re preparing for something better or just marking days off the calendar.

You don’t have to lead to be a part of a bigger vision, so if you don’t want that role, don’t take it. You can find a great deal of happiness and fulfillment in simply filling a small, but vital cog in a larger purpose. 

And if you are a leader, don’t settle for less. When you muster up the courage, commitment and vision to lead, you’ll enjoy growth of character you never knew possible. 

But whatever you do, don’t wait for your calling to find you.

It won’t.

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