The Power of What If

I have a challenge for you. Go dig around in your kid’s school backpack (you might want to wear gloves for your own protection if your child forgets half-eaten sandwiches like mine does). Pull out a few tests and assignments, and see how many questions are similar to the following: List three ways that … Name fourContinue reading “The Power of What If”

Finding a Job vs Finding a Calling

    Never wait for your calling to come find you. It won’t. A calling is borne of passion, and passion is a spark stoked into flames only by doing, not sitting and waiting. So do something. Read. Take a class. Volunteer. Get a job doing something that matters – even if you have toContinue reading “Finding a Job vs Finding a Calling”

How the Smart Phone has Equalized Access to Information

The smart phone is the great equalizer of knowledge access. Never before has so much information been accessible to so many for so little cost. The global spread of smart phone tech has resulted in a device which entered the market as an expensive device available only to the wealthy metamorphosing in less than a decade intoContinue reading “How the Smart Phone has Equalized Access to Information”