Helping Jen Thrive

Screenshot 2015-04-27 16.18.30Sometimes you just know someone is special. I knew this about Jennifer Lake the first time I met her. And then I saw the amazing photography she volunteered to do for Hautepreneurs. And then she volunteered to shoot headshots for our first year of finalists for the HauteHopes Scholarship Fund. And then Jen started working for us part-time at APPCityLife as a web developer.

With each interaction, I’ve affirmed a little stronger my opinion that Jen is one of the rare ones among us that will shine no matter what she faces – and she is facing a lot right now: constant pain, a trip to NYC for yet another surgery, and medical bills that are rapidly piling up.

View More: purchase of a specially designed t-shirt will help Jen defray some of those costs … and who among us couldn’t use a bit of a message like “thrive” from someone who’s learned to do it no matter what?

Buy your shirt HERE

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