6 New Years Resolutions for Women Entrepreneurs

As a woman entrepreneur, I’m making a different set of New Year’s Resolutions this year – a set of purposes that I think might also inspire other women in the workplace. I am sharing these resolutions to help challenge the status quo and push myself and other women to hold ourselves accountable and to serveContinue reading “6 New Years Resolutions for Women Entrepreneurs”

The Moment I Decided Christmas Was the Most Horrid Holiday

I remember the exact moment I decided Christmas was the most horrid holiday ever conceived. I was 19 years old and attending college full time while working at a local department store. On this particular night, the day before Christmas Eve, I was running the cash register. It was nearing the end of my shift,Continue reading “The Moment I Decided Christmas Was the Most Horrid Holiday”

Teaching Entrepreneurship: Educational Boondoggle or Brilliant Innovation?

Everywhere you turn today, it seems there is an event, program or class teaching you how to become an entrepreneur. And everyone wants in on the action, from government agencies, nonprofits, foundations, incubators, and accelerators to new programs like the brief immersion experiences such as Startup Weekend. A wide variety of certificate programs, bootcamps and elective courses are also cropping up at bothContinue reading “Teaching Entrepreneurship: Educational Boondoggle or Brilliant Innovation?”

Finding Closure: How a Gravestone Helped Me Say Goodbye

Just by chance, the grave plots my parents purchased happen to be near my home, so it only made sense that after my father’s death that I would be the one to drive to the cemetery to meet the funeral home’s representative to determine the exact location of their plots. When I arrived, an olderContinue reading “Finding Closure: How a Gravestone Helped Me Say Goodbye”

5 Keys to Out-Shining the Competition in an Interview

Every year, I participate in mock interviews with college students who are getting ready to graduate. It’s an excellent program that provides students with an opportunity to polish up their skills and gain valuable insight before beginning their job search. Here are five useful tips for anyone who might be prepping for that big interview. Authenticity is Key A fewContinue reading “5 Keys to Out-Shining the Competition in an Interview”