Technology Ventures Corporation (TVC): Watch New Mexico Rise

Technology Ventures Corp (TVC)   While there are organizations and institutions that have been a part of New Mexico longer than Technology Ventures Corporation  – better known locally as TVC – I am not sure there is an organization that has helped bring more funding into the state focused on investments in New Mexico-based tech companiesContinue reading “Technology Ventures Corporation (TVC): Watch New Mexico Rise”

A ‘Glamorous’ Week in the Life of a Woman Entrepreneur

I was recently at the private opening of a new establishment with my cofounder of Hautepreneurs, a company we founded to enable women entrepreneurs in our state to think and create bigger, successful companies – a passion project in addition to our main careers – which, for me, is APPCityLife, a global civic tech platform connecting peopleContinue reading “A ‘Glamorous’ Week in the Life of a Woman Entrepreneur”

Stacy Sacco: Watch New Mexico Rise

Stacy Sacco     The middle parts in a long series are the easy ones – so many ideas to share of those who have inspired me. But this first post – as well as the last one, they are the two bookends of this series. This first post needs to be a shining star, and, thus, the choiceContinue reading “Stacy Sacco: Watch New Mexico Rise”

Watch New Mexico Rise: choosing a new view

The dinner dishes were cleared away. A few of our friends and fellow entrepreneurs sat with us around the dining room table. The conversation turned to the spate of negative stories proliferating in the news and on social media. At least eight separate businesses based in New Mexico were represented that night, and each hadContinue reading “Watch New Mexico Rise: choosing a new view”

Addressing the Downside of Civic Hacking: Creating A Financially Sustainable Model

One of the best known civic mobile app contests is the NYC BigApps Challenge. The competition has attracted hundreds of teams from around the world, all vying for high dollar prizes and the promise of a coveted contract with the City of New York. Since the contest’s inception five years ago, hundreds of apps have beenContinue reading “Addressing the Downside of Civic Hacking: Creating A Financially Sustainable Model”