Make Sure The Payoff Is Worth The Price

I spent this morning’s flight fleshing out the chapter Negotiating Agreements from my upcoming book, All I Ever Wanted To Be Is A Stay-At-Home Mom, a look at why I believe mothers are uniquely prepared to become entrepreneurs.

The following excerpt follows a story of negotiating an agreement with my then toddler daughter and reaping the consequences when it went terribly wrong. Here is an excerpt:

Make Sure The Payoff Is Worth The Price

When I negotiated an agreement in order to get a nap, I decided that the payoff of that rest was worth trusting the judgment of a toddler. In hindsight, I was the one who was irrational, but I was so desperate for sleep, I was willing to believe that a bad agreement could work, simply because I needed it to.

As an entrepreneur, we are often faced with making alliances with partners that, if we had more money, more employees, more space, more of whatever it is we’re missing, we probably would never agree to make in the first place. I would suggest that often we should go with our gut and not make the agreement, no matter how much we think we can hold our nose and make it work. When we partner, hire, or take on a client out of desperation, it rarely works out the way we’re hoping it will. More often than not, we find ourselves facing a situation we were afraid might happen or that a colleague, investor or friend suggested we should consider as an outcome but that we dismissed due to wanting it to work more than we wanted to look at reality.

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