The Most Beautiful Gift Of All

Today I saw love. True love – the kind that is full of patience, kindness, and gentleness. My father, who has advanced stage Alzheimer’s, has always been a quiet, gentle-natured man. He is the father who calmly read his newspaper while the neighborhood kids engaged in a water fight that often sloshed as much waterContinue reading “The Most Beautiful Gift Of All”

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  Armed and dangerous! My bracelet collection has grown with addition of a black resin link bracelet from PONO (yes, female founded company). Of course the Hand In Hand/Strength In Numbers bangle by Kate Spade is a favorite……and this seemed appropriate armor to wear as I was to…

Thirteen Inspirations for Women Entrepreneurs: My Takeaways From WE4

A year ago I sat in the Going To Scale panel at the Women Entrepreneurs Festival and asked panelist Limor Fried, founder of Adafruit, how I, a creative, could best interact with a highly technical team. Her response still rings in my ears today. “Sometimes you just have to get in the cage and wrestleContinue reading “Thirteen Inspirations for Women Entrepreneurs: My Takeaways From WE4”

Do We Need A Men’s Movement To Create True Equality?

Who wants to join us in changing the dialogue and mindset? I’m in. Tonight kicked off this year’s Women Entrepreneurs Festival in New York City with a keynote address by Anne-Marie Slaughter, President and CEO of the New America Foundation. Slaughter, who has enjoyed an illustrious career wearing a multitude of hats and who gainedContinue reading “Do We Need A Men’s Movement To Create True Equality?”

Criticism: What We Are REALLY Saying

When we criticize someone, what we are actually saying is this: “I want you to feel uncomfortable, self-conscious, and to focus on hiding your fault instead of interacting every time you are around me from this moment forward. I want to make it just a little harder for you to be vulnerable, not only withContinue reading “Criticism: What We Are REALLY Saying”