Why I am cofounding a Network for Women Entrepreneurs

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Speaking about Women Entrepreneurs and Venture Capital with Katie Szczepaniak Rice on Larry Ahren’s Morning Brew TV Show

One of the questions I get asked the most frequently is what inspired me to launch a brand new business in the middle of growing another one. It’s a fair question – growing a business is a lot like having a newborn, and it can consume every waking moment as well as eat into your personal life. And I wasn’t the only one fully engaged in a business – my two cofounders are successful businesswomen running their own companies and raising their own families. So taking on another challenge might seem a bit counterintuitive for all of us on the face of it.

But launching Hautepreneurs was actually borne out of a need we all three knew was lacking in our own professional experience. Just weeks before I met my cofounder, Jessica Eaves Mathews, I’d flown to New York City to attend the Women Entrepreneurs Festival because I knew I needed to connect with other women who not only understood the unique challenges of launching a business but would also help me “up my own game” in my business. I needed to find women who could mentor me, push me, educate me so that I could grow something bigger in my own state. Jessica shared this same sentiment, and when we met for the first time with our cofounder Hillary Somers, we discovered we all had the same unmet professional needs that needed to be addressed locally.

Hautepreneurs is about creating the “haute couture” experience for women professionals, thought leaders and entrepreneurs in New Mexico – about defining one’s own priorities, goals, dreams, and passions and then finding the right tools and support to build a meaningful life and successful business around those values. We want women to think bigger, dream bigger, believe bigger and better is possible right here in New Mexico. Not only will this change the economy of our own state, it will significantly changes the lives of the Hautepreneurs who are empowered to live the successful life they want to lead.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out our still-under-wraps website that will be complete with an online forum where women can access advice, information and camaraderie among their peers. We will be launching an entire calendar of events from intimate coffee Q&A’s with successful women and Saturday expert sessions to Gala celebrations to one on one mentoring with peers to help you grow your business to the next level.

In fact, our very first event is with this goal in mind – we are flying in one of the nation’s most respected branding experts to provide one-on-one mentoring as well as a group session to help women entrepreneurs learn how to brand themselves and their businesses for higher growth and revenue.  For more information on Michelle, click here: https://www.eventbrite.com/event/9136440339

We are passionate about creating the lives we want here in the state we love – and we are just as passionate about making it possible for other women who want to create or grow their business or change the possibilities for women in New Mexico.

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