Embracing Open Data As A Startup

Originally written for a guest post: why I’ve embraced the open data initiative as an entrepreneur and how we’re trying to make open data affordable for governments and meaningful for the people who live there. We’re helping civic hackers monetize their own civic apps built on open data, and we’re providing a platform of local customers to small businesses for innovative, real-time geolocated coupons where businesses control their own budget and send out coupons instantly to civic apps where people right outside their door can take advantage of their offers.

APPCityLife: What's APPening®


by Lisa Abeyta, CEO/Founder

When Albuquerque, New Mexico’s Chief Information Officer first reached out to our company, APPCityLife, Inc., in 2011 to find out more about the company I’d founded a couple of years earlier, I believe it was the first time I’d heard the words “open data” used. While our company had focused on the civic space from its launch, we were still approaching content curation from practices I had learned as a journalist. We were aggregating local event and news RSS feeds, working directly with public schools to publish basic contact information which was delivered in bulk via spread sheets and updated once a year. And we paid high school and college interns to research public information and transform the information into a usable format for our city guide mobile app.

After a series of conversations with city officials, we decided not only to work with the…

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