From my corporate blog but definitely relevant here on my personal blog: a look back at my own meandering journey from stay at home mom to running a high tech startup – and a look at the value of helping women choose to thrive in whatever way makes sense for their own journey.

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After reading Joanne Wilson’s post on Gotham Gal about every woman choosing her own path, it prompted me to look back on my own meandering journey that led up to where I am today, running a high tech startup with loyal clients like the City of Albuquerque, the Mid Region Council of Governments Rail Runner, Media Matched, Roadrunner Food Bank and more. My own journey really does drive home the point that when we choose what is right for our own lives and for our families, we choose to thrive. I especially like this quote by Ursula Burns, CEO of Xerox, “It’s a ‘fool’s journey’ to try to achieve perfect balance between one’s professional and personal lives… (take) your entire life to find balance. You should have balance, on average, over time – not in a day or in a month.”

It wasn’t until my fourth pregnancy that I was…

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