Someone asked the question on International Women’s Day, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid.” I realized I am doing what I am because I am afraid … of letting down the strong line of women who paved the way for me. This is my blog post from my corporate blog What’s Appening but wanted to share it here as well, as it is a personal post as well.

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This is my Great-Grandma Zelma Carder’s grand piano. It sits in my living room, not only as a beautiful piece of workmanship and antiquity, but also a daily reminder of the bar that is set before me because of her strength, courage, selflessness, love, and tenacity. It is my own personal symbol of the strength of one woman.

My great grandma didn’t found a company or manage a huge staff of employees. In fact, she didn’t get much of an education beyond what she learned in a one-room schoolhouse in Missouri in the late 1800’s. She didn’t march for women’s rights. She was never interviewed or quoted, as far as I know, about the biases towards women or how they had affected her choices or her life. And yet, she is my role model for not making a fuss or a loud noise about something but just choosing to make…

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