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After reading Joanne Wilson’s post on Gotham Gal about every woman choosing her own path, it prompted me to look back on my own meandering journey that led up to where I am today, running a high tech startup with loyal clients like the City of Albuquerque, the Mid…

When Did We Start Hiring Complainers?

I stopped in at Walgreen’s today to pick up a prescription and made the mistake of asking the young clerk how her day was going. By the time I checked out, I think I could have charged her for a therapy session. When did stores stop training employees that customers are not there to hearContinue reading “When Did We Start Hiring Complainers?”

Sometimes Words Aren’t Necessary

My dad and I have birthdays two days apart, so growing up we often shared one Red Velvet Cake. Somehow it made it more special. He’s been on my mind a lot this week, I think because our shared birthday is quickly approaching. He’ll be 81 and is struggling with some of the beginning stagesContinue reading “Sometimes Words Aren’t Necessary”

Originally posted on APPCityLife: What's APPening®:
Upright Grand Piano, circa 1876 This is my Great-Grandma Zelma Carder’s grand piano. It sits in my living room, not only as a beautiful piece of workmanship and antiquity, but also a daily reminder of the bar that is set before me because of her strength, courage, selflessness,…