Klingon As A Second Language

20121118-144303.jpg“I don’t think Mrs. H likes Klingon.”

This is the first thing my son shared with me after arriving home from school earlier this week. And with an intro like that, I wondered what was coming.

“She asked us if any of us knew a second language, and I raised my hand. When she called on me and asked me what other language I knew, I told her I’d taught myself Klingon.”

I wasn’t sure which question to ask: when did you teach yourself Klingon or what did she say? I opted for the latter.

“She didn’t believe me, even after I told her there was an online academy and several websites where you could learn it. So she told me to prove it by saying something in Klingon,” my son said.

Note to teachers: unless you plan to lose control of the class, it is likely not a good plan to ask a kid to start speaking in Klingon … for any reason.

“What did you do?” I asked.

“I told her HIja’, tlhIngan Hol vIjatlh jIH.” His words pushed out in rough, guttural grunts. “It means I speak Klingon.”

“What happened after that?” I asked, dreading the answer and whether it might be leading towards a visit with the principal.

“Well, the rest of the class all died laughing and started trying to say things in Klingon. And then once everyone quieted down, she just told me it was nothing to be proud of.”

Oh, she is wrong there. My kid taught himself a language online instead of vegging out. He ought to be really proud of that. And, who knows. If we ever meet any Klingons, it might come in very handy.

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2 thoughts on “Klingon As A Second Language

  1. First, may I just say, “Ha!”
    Secondly, I commend you for disagreeing with your son’s teacher. Too often I find education “professionals” believe that anything outside the scope of their studies is a waste of time and/or “nothing to be proud of”, but in my eyes your son has drive, determination, and a goal-oriented mind. He took the time to teach HIMSELF how to speak a language. Who cares if the language is only really useful online and at conventions? He still TAUGHT HIMSELF a LANGUAGE. I find myself wondering how much the teacher in question has ever taught HERSELF. 😐


    1. Thanks, Tracey Lynn. I think one of the things I love best is that my son is so self-driven and that others’ disregard for his passions don’t deter his own. I certainly would’ve loved to have been a fly in the wall when he started speaking in Klingon….


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