Chipotle Candied Bacon

This simple recipe is perfect as a topper for salads, veggies or as a decadent indulgence. Be sure to line your baking pan; the drippings stick and burn. Substitute regular dried chile or add additional spices such as 1/2 tsp. dried Cumin and 1/2 tsp. dried Oregano for a more piquant taste. 9 Slices ThickContinue reading “Chipotle Candied Bacon”

Klingon As A Second Language

“I don’t think Mrs. H likes Klingon.” This is the first thing my son shared with me after arriving home from school earlier this week. And with an intro like that, I wondered what was coming. “She asked us if any of us knew a second language, and I raised my hand. When she calledContinue reading “Klingon As A Second Language”

There is a warp core meltdown in the pizza oven! My son, attempting to play “Dion’s Pizza” with his kindergarten classmates. (He shared this event with me recently while taking a interpersonal skills behavior quiz as part of his explanation for why he chose “slightly disagree” on the item Able To Engage in Imaginary PlayContinue reading

My First Lesson As An Entrepreneur

(reprinted from the official APPCityLife blog) It was the early 70’s when children were still free to roam the neighborhood without a hovering parent nearby, and I was a scrawny, pony-tailed eight-year-old with pretty big dreams. When I told my mom that I wanted a job, she never laughed or told me what a sillyContinue reading “My First Lesson As An Entrepreneur”