Not So Alone

photo courtesy Scott Liddel

Someone once said, “God places the heaviest burdens on those who can carry its weight.” I’ve been telling myself that for some time now, as it seems that this year the burdens of life have continued to pile up. Many a night, I’ve awakened wondering where I would muster up the drive to get through another day.

And today as I sat here trying to make sense of it all, I realized the answer wasn’t in being strong enough to carry the burdens thrust upon any of us. It is in having the courage to trust God to provide what we need to bear up under the cares of life. I had a good lesson in that this week. Sometimes what we need is just to know we’re not alone, that there are others facing struggles and figuring out life one day at a time.

Earlier this week, out of the blue, a dear friend persisted in making a date to meet for lunch. We both have busy schedules, so it took some planning, but it was just what I needed to remember what makes life precious and joyous. And then, just a few days later, another friend sent me a private message just to say hello. A short chat later, and my burden felt lighter. I knew I was not so quite alone as I might have imagined. That’s the thing about worry. It makes us get inside our heads, makes us center on our own thoughts, and pretty soon, we’re alone in our thoughts. And that can mislead us into thinking we’re all alone in whatever difficulty we’re facing. Perhaps sometimes we are more alone than others, but more often than not, an encouraging word, an offer of support is only as far away as a phone call.

I’m so thankful to those who have made my burden lighter just by being a part of my life. And it’s good to remember we don’t have to carry the burden of the day alone. It just takes courage to trust that the provision we need will be there.

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