Dresscode Loophole

Nope. Nothing explicitly forbidding boxers, is there?

On the drive home from church yesterday, my twelve-year-old was a bit quiet in the back seat. The mom in me assumed he was processing some of the more inspiring thoughts shared in the past hour. I was just about to ask him what had inspired him the most when he finally spoke up.

“You know what I’ve discovered?” he asked.

My heart soared. Here was my youngest, turning his mind to serious subjects and growing up oh so fast. I shared a smile with my husband as I turned and asked, “What’s that, Honey?”

“I’ve discovered a loophole in our school’s dress code policy.”

Reality usually does just smack one right in the face, doesn’t it?

“So what’s that?” I asked, knowing that any discussion of deeper things wasn’t going to happen today.

“Well, the policy states that shorts have to be as long as your fingertips when you’re standing straight with your arms at your sides. The other day when I was in the locker room changing for PE, it occurred to me that boxers fit that requirement. And, you know what? I doesn’t say one thing about not being allowed to wear your boxers.”

Oh, my. Although we did talk about this particular talent being quite useful to lawyers, after a very long lecture about not testing his discovery, I’m thinking we nipped this particular experiment in the bud.

At least, I really, really hope so.

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