If The Teachers Aren’t Yelling At Me, I Must Be Doing Ok.

With the youngest home with me from school for the past couple of days, thanks to school conferences, I’ve acquired quite a few new Thomasisms.

I pointed out to Thomas a little 3-year-old carrying a shovel three times her size and working very hard. His observation? “That’s why they call them toddlers, not dawdlers. She hasn’t learned the art of dawdling yet.”

During his conference at school, in which he is supposed to inform me of how he is doing as 6th grade comes to an end.
Thomas: “I am doing much better in all of my subjects.”
Me: “How do you know that? How are you keeping track of how you’re doing in your classes?”
Thomas: “Two things. You tell me like every day, and if the teachers aren’t yelling at me, I must doing ok.”

In response to a complaint from his science teacher that he “spaces out” during class and doesn’t listen to other kids while they’re reading out loud from the text book. “Well, once we’ve read about a theory, how else am I supposed to decide if I really believe it if I don’t continue to think about it?”

During a mother-son excursion to the local museum of natural history, Thomas noticed a black and white cardboard cutout of a man in an exhibit. Without missing a beat, he said, “Oh, look at that guy. Now I know what they used for black and white movies – just plain black and white people like this.”

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    1. Thanks for reading and replying! He definitely thinks things out. When studying about earthquakes, he decided that one theory did not take into account the moon’s gravitational pull on the earth’s bodies of water. He spent several days researching and discussing with his father before he was able to put that idea to rest.


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