How Do You Let People Know You’re Not At Your Best?

I was having this conversation recently and am curious how you handle this: How do you tell someone you may not be at your best due to not feeling 100% without appearing to be fishing for sympathy?

With sometimes multiple meetings scheduled in a day, it is often impossible to “call in sick” when I’ve managed to ingest some gluten without realizing it. And thus the challenge begins. Do I let clients know I may need to suddenly leave the meeting, or do I just hope to get through it before a new bout of stomach ailments appear (and just bolt out the door if I have to and explain later)? Either way, I think it’s tough. My health becomes a topic of conversation – not something I want to have happen when I’m working with others in a professional capacity.

A family member recently told me they thought I was sick more than I was well. It was then that I realized each time I mentioned I was moving a bit creaky due to the weather (I have Fibromyalgia as well as Celiac) coupled with each time I mentioned suffering from eating unidentified gluten, what they heard was, “I am sick again today.”

So I’m hoping you’ll share how you handle a chronic illness without letting those around you think you’re fishing for sympathy or becoming an invalid when all you’re really needing is a bit of space to handle the challenges of the day.

Published by Lisa Abeyta

Entrepreneur and passionate foodie.

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