7 Days of Pot Roast

One of the lousiest parts of becoming an entrepreneur later in life is being forced to live once again like a newlywed. And I’m not talking the passion part, either. I’m talking budget. Unless you’re a venture capital backed business, odds are that you’re bootstrapping your new venture and foregoing a salary to get your dream off the ground. If not, please tell me how you’re doing it so I can stop living like a college student while trying feed a family on an ever shrinking budget.

This past Saturday I asked the butcher at our local grocery story to cut an extra large rump roast, not so much because I love and adore rump roast but because it was on sale and roast can go a long way, baby. The final tally for the 6-pounder was $23, still less than I might’ve paid in flusher days for a handful of rib eye steaks. And then it hit me – this baby was big enough to feed my family for several meals. And by several, I decided to stretch that one roast out for dinner every day for a week.

The challenge, of course, isn’t to just plop re-heated leftovers out on the table until the family finally riots in protest. No, I decided that the real challenge was to present the roast in varied enough recipes that my family would still be willing to eat that old dead cow on the 7th day without complaint. Oh, who am I kidding. I have two teens, a “refined palate” spouse, and the pickiest 10-year-old I know. I doubted I could make it a full 7 days with new food each day without complaint; I’d be happy to settle for lack of rioting.

Over the next few days I’ll share recipes (and photos where I remember) of my 7-day journey with a very dead cow.

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