Our Defrocked Bird Dog

Our dog, Mia, is officially the worst bird dog ever. Oh, she likes to pretend she’d hunt down a bird and have it for lunch, and she even whines at me to let her out of the house to take care of the pigeons taunting her in our little patch of xeric lawn. But when the rubber meets the road, well, she’s just wants the chance to say hi.

We recently had a very bedraggled bird land just outside our kitchen door. When I spied two pigeons pecking it, I opened the door the shoo them away. Mia just about knocked me over rushing out to join in the melee. The pigeons scattered like the playground bullies they were, but the poor little bird couldn’t move. Wet and terrified, it crouched in anticipation of the large labrador which was about to have it for supper.

I rushed to block the view of my youngest, not wanting him to see the impending carnage when Mia began tearing the feathers from this poor helpless bird as her bird dog instinct kicked in.

Yeah, right.

Instead, our fearless protector stopped just short of the quaking bird. She then very gently nuzzled and nosed her new friend.

Fearing that the bird might be diseased, I called our now defrocked hunting dog back into the house. She tried to ignore the command, wanting to play with her new friend, but she finally complied when she heard the rattling of the dog treat can. Mia came half way to the door and then looked back – wet bird or dog treat? Dog treat won, and in she came.

The bird hopped right up to our door and spent the night in the relative safety of our covered kitchen patio. Mia begged us to let her join her new friend, but, alas, she was simply put to bed early.

The bird is gone, and Mia is back to pretending that she wants to eat the pigeons in the grass.

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4 thoughts on “Our Defrocked Bird Dog

  1. Awww! How adorable. That's my kind of dog.There's was this lovely commercial in England when I was a kid where they had a dog sleeping infront of the fireplace. In comes a cat and instead of fighting with each other, the dog and cat "kiss" and the cat lies down next to the dog. In comes a mouse and again, the cat and mouse "kiss" and the mouse lies down next to the cat. It was the sweetest thing ever!Jai


  2. Critters are so funny, much like people. I'm glad your bird dog like playing with birds instead of de-feathering them cause that is such a horrible sight


  3. Yeah! The big protector! You could turn that scene into a Disney movie.Your story reminded me of a friend who a mean black shepard named Parker. (Mean to everyone else; we got along for some unknown reason). Anyway, I'm helping my buddy move some stuff and here comes Parker with something in his mouth. Lo and behold it's a baby rabbit. He brought two more back before we figured out where he was getting them from. Found the rest of the poor things trembling in the woods, either abandoned or orphaned. You'd have thought they'd become Scooby Snacks, but Parker was just as gentle as he could be. –John


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