What to do for a severe case of Yellow Bus Fever


Ok, tell the truth – we’ve all done it: hyped of a case of the sickies to get out of some unpleasant task. I got so proficient at it as a kid that my mom finally created an entire name for the illness which befell me most mornings only to miraculously disappear as soon as the school bus had passed our house. “Don’t tell me,” she’d say, “another case of Yellow Bus Fever?”

Well it seems my youngest is testing the waters to see just how far and often he can fall victim to Yellow Bus Fever without losing any of his after-school perks. After several days of, “Mom, my throat hurts and I think I have a fever and should stay home because I don’t want to get the kids in class sick and my asthma doesn’t feel very good and, and and…” I got wise to the scheme.
With his first croak of the morning, I’d whip out the thermometer. “If it’s a fever, fine. If not, then you’re going to school.”
“Even if my asthma’s bad?” he’d ask, totally offended at the callousness of this woman who’d sat by his bedside and stroked his hair as she fretted over his wheezing and poor health only a few weeks ago.
“Even if your asthma’s bad,” I’d say. “We’ll pump you full of albuterol and send you on your way to fill that brain up with important learning.”
And then I’d deliver the secret weapon, “And then when you get home, I’ll make sure you get plenty of rest by sending you straight to bed. You’ll have to be careful not to get over-tired in this delicate state, so, of course, the computer and the Wii and even your Gameboy will be off limits.”
It is a modern-day miracle how fast that boy recovered. Within minutes, the croak was completely gone from his voice, and he wasn’t feeling a bit of wheezing.
I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, though – because when you’re a mom, every strategy eventually backfires. I’m waiting from that ominous phone call from the school nurse, “Your son is in the office, and he can barely breathe thanks to a horrible asthma attack. And did you even look at his throat? It’s obviously on fire. What kind of mother sends their poor child to school like this?”
I’ll have an answer though, “Oh, I was sick in bed this morning. My husband made that bad decision. I’ll be right there.”

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4 thoughts on “What to do for a severe case of Yellow Bus Fever

  1. This is too funny. I hold my kids computer/games hostage too. It is amazing how fast they recover. If they held my computer hostage everytime I didn't want to do housework this house would be SPARKLING. I'm glad nobody has figured that one out yet.


  2. Can you imagine if employees had to go through the same rigorous screening as what we put our kids through? 🙂


  3. Yeah, I was a kid and even now I wouldn’t mind a “sick” day from work every once in a while, but I don’t do it.Now back to school…After 7 kids ok more like after the first 2 my stay at home determination changed…thermometer check, if you throw up I get to see it if it the other end I get to see (eew I know) But at our house now, no one has had real fever and no one up chucked or out pooped. Weird really weird thats all I’m saying


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