Ten Things I Learned This Week

Some weeks, I seem to learn more life lessons than others. I’d love to hear the ones you learned during your past week as well.

1. The wedding of two deaf people is a quiet but happy affair.

2. Good energy and optimism are infectious. So is a bad attitude.

3. Sometimes cheaters win, but when a group of teenagers maintains dignity and good sportsmanship, they are the bigger winners.

4. Sharing a cup of tea with an almost adult daughter is a wonderful moment not to be missed.

5. A teacher’s litany of complaints only wears down a child if he believes them to be true.

6. Trader Joe’s has little tins of dark chocolate with only 6 grams of carbs per serving. And oh, is it good.

7. Father-son vacations are a good thing, even for those left behind.

8. Sometimes when a door closes, it just hits you on the behind. Sometimes you have to figure out how to hack a new opening in the brick wall in front of you.

9. Free sometimes leads to better things; other times it just wastes a lot of energy and effort.

10. Hearing “I love you” never gets old, and saying it gets easier with practice.

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