Which of these lovely rags should I wear?

My mom said that a lot when I was a kid. She would stand in her closet in her full slip and pantyhose, rifling through her dresses and ask me, “Which of these lovely rags should I wear?”

I never understood why it was that big of a deal. She always looked the same to me. But now I understand all too well.

I got a call Friday evening asking me to go to an interview on Monday morning for a job as a museum special events coordinator. I saw the ad on a local website a few weeks ago and was intrigued. Part time, included PR work, within a few minutes from my house – it looked perfect, so I applied online.

A lady called a few hours later asking me to come in to do some initial testing at the temp agency in charge of hiring for the position. I bumbled my way through the test on excel, did ok on the one for Word, and found out I could type 77 words a minute and that I have pretty good logic skills. I had to agree to a background check and a drug test, and then she ushered me out of the door.

I didn’t hear anything and decided that I wasn’t qualified.

And now I have a single weekend to get prepared for the first interview I have had in over 20 years. I go through my closet and ask myself, “Which of these lovely rags should I wear?” They’re good enough for church, sure. And plenty have gotten me through an hour interview at the local Flying Star with someone I am writing about. But none of them say, “Wow. This woman has it together!” Besides, I have a lot more of it to get together than when I interviewed 20 years ago.

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