Holy Posole, Batman! The Mayor Saved the Day!

Read the headlines on CNN, The Drudge Report, MSNBC … and it will send you running for the hills with your shotgun and a suitcase of money. But with all the financial panic, high seas piracy, and new cabinet appointments, I was pleased to see that we in Albuquerque still know REAL news when we read it. This morning’s Albuquerque Journal’ headline put a smile on my face:

Mayor Reverses Ban on Posole

By Olivier Uyttebrouck
Journal Staff Writer
Praise the Lord and pass the posole.
Parishioners at St. Francis Xavier Church won’t have to eat the canned stuff after all when they honor Our Lady of Guadalupe on Dec. 14, city officials assured them Wednesday.
Mayor Martin Chávez told church leaders that parishioners can take their homemade posole, menudo, tamales and bizcochitos to church as they have for 84 years.
Chávez also ordered up a steaming bowl of revisions to city law — changes that will allow churches and other groups to serve homemade dishes without violating city food-handling laws…

The story goes on to tell of local restaurants had also volunteered to come to the aid of rescuing this 84-year-old tradition. The best part? This is proof of the power of the press. Just one day before, an article ran in the paper telling citizens of the plight of this church. Canned posole? Seriously?

It didn’t take long for the mayor to spring into action and provide relief. Thanks to the quick actions of our mayor, parishioners will have real chunks of pork in their posole and some real crumble to their bizcochitos.
My son wonders where the mayor goes to church. Could it be he, too, was reading his paper yesterday morning when he spied the terrible news, looked up from his cup of coffee and moaned, “Canned posole? Seriously? I am NOT eating canned posole!” Who knows, but whatever the real story, we like our version. And we’re with him all the way – canned posole is not fit for a celebration.
This is proof that local coverage can lead to policy changes overnight in city hall… now about those red light cameras...

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