Of Werewolves, Balding Men and Making Lemonade

Would balding, middle-aged men like to be werewolves at night if it meant they could have hair for a few more hours?

My youngest thinks so. One evening this past week, my husband was in the back yard with our son when they heard some howling in the distance. To tease my son, my husband starting making up a wild scenario about the howling – perhaps it was a werewolf, and wasn’t it coming from the direction of his school? Maybe it was his principal who was really a werewolf!

Without missing a beat, my son replied, “I bet he’d like that. At least he’d have hair at night.”

It’s a great thing my son does – he always seems to find the upside in everything. When my husband chided him this summer for not carrying his jacket with him during an outing, my son told him, “I have resources.” After I reviewed the results of this summer’s testing which finally explained his challenges with writing and spelling, he sat back on his first day of school as his classmates wrote in their journals and told his teacher, “I don’t have to write. I have a disability.” And while he was deflated to find out that the results did not excuse him for work, I absolutely love his positive perspective. He is truly the lemonade from lemons kid.

It’s easy to get down on ourselves when things don’t go our way. A slew of rejections recently set me back and made me question my own view of my future. But then I thought of my son’s perspective and knew I was being short-sighted. Perhaps these doors didn’t open so that something better could come along. Or maybe it was an opportunity to create something better, something different that I hadn’t considered. And eventually, I got back in the saddle and decided to keep on riding down the trail.

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5 thoughts on “Of Werewolves, Balding Men and Making Lemonade

  1. Sometimes kids say the most profound things. I love this post. Wouldn’t it be nice not to become jaded as we get adults and have the lemonade out of lemons mindset? Maybe your son will grow up to be an advice columnist!


  2. I’ve been reading so much today (and writing very little). But you know what? This is the most inspiring thing I’ve read! (And I HAVE read quite a few inspiring articles and stories today.)Thank you for sharing. I’m closing my computer now and going to do some writing (by hand).Cheers!


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