Holy Posole, Batman! The Mayor Saved the Day!

Read the headlines on CNN, The Drudge Report, MSNBC … and it will send you running for the hills with your shotgun and a suitcase of money. But with all the financial panic, high seas piracy, and new cabinet appointments, I was pleased to see that we in Albuquerque still know REAL news when weContinue reading “Holy Posole, Batman! The Mayor Saved the Day!”

Art in the Park Takes On A New Meaning

It seemed like an innocent question coming from my eight-year-old son. “Mom, will you take me to the park?” I gave him my standard answer when I can’t make a firm commitment. “Sure. Sometime.” I should have known it wouldn’t be enough. “When?” “I don’t know. Not today. It’s cold and windy.” “Okay. But when?”Continue reading “Art in the Park Takes On A New Meaning”

Of Werewolves, Balding Men and Making Lemonade

Would balding, middle-aged men like to be werewolves at night if it meant they could have hair for a few more hours? My youngest thinks so. One evening this past week, my husband was in the back yard with our son when they heard some howling in the distance. To tease my son, my husbandContinue reading “Of Werewolves, Balding Men and Making Lemonade”