Playground Politics

We talk politics a lot in our home. With one highschooler in U.S. Government this year and another in U.S. History, our dinner table conversation often revolves around what they kids have covered in class. And while we discuss the finer nuances of health care policies, taxes, and checks and balances, our youngest is often off in his own world.

Or so I thought.

This week he came home from school pronouncing the news that he and his third-grade buddies were discussing politics on the playground. He talked of one of his friends who asked who my own son, all of eight years old, was planning to vote for in the upcoming election.

“Who am I gonna vote for?” my son asked.


“I have news for you. You can’t vote in the next election.”

This brought a chuckle from Dad, but my son wasn’t finished with his tale. Despite my son’s dire warnings that eight-year-olds could not vote, his friend began to enumerate the candidates who were going to earn his vote.

My son’s response?

“Then it’s a good thing you can’t vote.”

It seems he has, indeed, been absorbing our dinner-time conversations. Now we have to work on that little thing called tact.

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