I am NEVER shopping here again!

…overheard yesterday… I was on a tight deadline, having decided to squeeze both a workout and a mad dash to the grocery store into an hour and a half before our company arrived for supper. I grabbed my two bags of tater tots, paid for them and hurried out the door only to find theContinue reading “I am NEVER shopping here again!”

Playground Politics

We talk politics a lot in our home. With one highschooler in U.S. Government this year and another in U.S. History, our dinner table conversation often revolves around what they kids have covered in class. And while we discuss the finer nuances of health care policies, taxes, and checks and balances, our youngest is oftenContinue reading “Playground Politics”

The Downside of Wanderlust

One of my favorite assignments is the author profiles that I sometimes write for Albuquerque the Magazine. It is always nice to have the chance to pick the brain of a successful writer and visit about the life of writing. Writing is often a lonely business, and having the chance to swap tales with someoneContinue reading “The Downside of Wanderlust”

Catwalk National Recreation Area

About an hour north of Silver City, New Mexico, near the border of Arizona, and just a few minutes outside of Glendwood, New Mexico, you will find The Catwalk, a national recreational trail in the Gila Wilderness. Once the reputed hide-out of such historical figures as Geronimo and Butch Cassidy, the Whitewater Canyon area wasContinue reading “Catwalk National Recreation Area”