Yogurt Parfait – Delightful treat

When we travel, we hit the McDonald’s drive-thru more than I’d like. Why? It’s easy, fast, and we can all get something that we’re willing to eat. The kiddo loves the Happy Meal, and who can argue about a new toy in the middle of a road trip? That’s worth at least another hour of no complaining or asking when we’ll get there. The kids go for the chicken selects (why don’t they call them fried chicken slices???) and the hubby for whatever is on the dollar menu. Me? I make up for his savings buying a salad and yogurt parfait.

Now you may think that’s a bit much for a fat lady on a diet, but you have to understand how the eating goes in our family. My better half orders less than he’ll eat, but then he starts eyeing mine because I eat slower than him. So, I order more than I’ll eat so that I can generously offer up part of my food.

He loves the yogurt parfaits and still doesn’t believe me when I tell him they have more calories than an ice cream cone. Funny how our mind works – the fat lady can have a yogurt parfait without looking like a pig, but let her order an ice cream, and indignation is thicker than campaign ads in October. "I thought you were on a diet!" "Can you eat an ice cream cone on a diet?" "Wow – is that on your diet?" Yeah, I’ve heard ’em all.

And, just to avoid the fifth degree, I order a fruit parfait and figure I’ll only be eating half anyway.

Well, today I made some for the family for an afternoon snack. It was a big hit, no one griped about diets, and I ate one all by myself.

If you’d like to enjoy one yourself, here’s the recipe:

Take a wine glass and fill the bottom with 1/4 cup low-fat or fat-free vanilla yogurt. My favorite by far is Mountain Dairy.

Add 1/4 cup frozen mixed berries. Layer again with yogurt and top with berries. Add 2 tbsp. low-fat granola just before eating.

It tasted better than McD’s and this time it really was less calories than an ice cream cone!

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  1. hahha, I  think you care much about your weight….and you may have missed lots of chances of trying delicious food….


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